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Organic Berry Blend Treatment Mask

Feed your skin with nature’s top three antioxidant rich fruits: strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. With a combination of powerful antioxidants and a blend of Chinese herbs this mask will increase your defense against free radical damage while providing calming and anti-inflammatory agents at the same time.
Key Ingredients
Organic Strawberries: Antioxidant rich in Vitamins A, B, and C.

Organic Blackberries: Antioxidant rich in Vitamins C and E.

Organic Blueberries: Antioxidant rich in Vitamins C and E.

Organic Agave: Plant that has softening and soothing properties.

R-Lipoic Acid: Antioxidant and collagen/elastin stimulator.

Sanguisorba: Herb rich in anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants.

Boswellia: Plant with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Spatholobus: Herb with anti-inflammatory agents.

• Infuses skin with antioxidants
• Nourishes and invigorates skin

Skin Types and Conditions
• All Skin Types
• Aging Skin

Apply dime to nickel size amount to skin, massaging into for 2-3 minutes (if product becomes ‘tacky’ before 2-3 minutes apply Clear x 1 pump to allow for massage). Apply a warm towel to skin and without applying pressure, allow it to remain on skin until lukewarm in temperature. Gently lift and remove the towel without wiping skin and massage mask for an additional 1 minute. Use towel to gently remove any excess.

Organic Strawberries/ Blackberries/ Blueberries/ Agave, Gar Gum/ TCI gum/Locust Bean, Harmonized Water, Boswelia, Fulvic Acid, Grapefruit Seed Extract, R-Lipoic Acid, Salvia Miltiorriza, Sanguisorba Officinalis Extract, Silver Chloride, Spatholobus Superectus Extract

Berry Blend Organic Mask



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