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Ceramides are components of specialized lipid molecules called sphingolipids, an essential element of human skin.
The presence of ceramides as a category within sphingolipids was first discovered in the human brain in The ceramides that are found in both plants and the human body are now known to be structurally similar.
All four layers of the epidermis contain ceramides, and they play a critical role in skin health by creating a barrier that reduces infection and helps to retain the skin’s moisture and smoothness.
Over a period of four weeks, new cells created at the deepest epidermal layer migrate upwards to form the top layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) where extracellular matrix lipids inhibit loss of water. By the time skin cells reach the skin’s surface, they become cornified or horn-like, transforming into protein-rich bricks tightly bound together by a layer of mortar composed of various lipids, up to 50% of which are ceramides.
The primary function of the epidermis is to generate a relatively impermeable layer to protect the skin from dehydration and environmental stress.Ceramides play a critical role in this barrier function and in the retention of water by the stratum corneum.
The aging process reduces the content of ceramides in the epidermal skin layers. This contributes to dry skin and dermatitis, and is a major cause of skin wrinkling.
Research has shown that optimal amounts of ceramides, in relation to other lipids, in t

BG Dermal Boost

  • Ceramides are the predominant lipid present in the critical, outermost protective layer of our skin (the Stratum Corneum of the Epidermis). Ceramides promote radiant, soft, smooth and supple skin by creating a protective barrier to prevent the loss of our skin’s precious moisture. Ceramides also defend our skin from damaging external factors and are an essential part of the skin’s normal growth and repair processes.
    It is well-established that the aging process results in lower Ceramide levels, and these reduced levels are associated with dry, rough, irritated and aging skin. Ceramide supplementation is a simple, logical response to these age-related changes in the composition of our skin. Billions of dollars are invested annually on external moisturizers and topical skin care, but intelligent skincare begins where skin is created – on the inside of our bodies.
    The external world constantly robs our skin of its precious moisture, and Phytoceramides are Mother Nature’s natural internal moisturizer to promote healthy, hydrated, radiant skin